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A wonderful assortment of fine chocolate

The gift basket contains:

  • Primola Assorted Pralines hocolate Box– 190 g – (types of chocolate contained: Cereals and Cocoa Cream, Caramel, Cognac Cream, Cereals and Whipped Cream)
  • Milka Dessert Box of Chocolate 126 g
  • Heart shape Milka Pralines box of chocolate 42g
  • Rafello chocolate specialties 40g
  • Heart shaped box of chocolate Cherry Queen 125g – cherry liquor pralines
  • Heidi Choco Venture – milk chocolate with pieces of cocoa and coffee – 90g
  • Heidi Choco Venture – white chocolate with pieces of strawberry – 90g
  • Heidi Choco Venture – white chocolate with coconut – 90g

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