Hawaii Aroma

Fresh fruit baskets are always gifts of good taste, that will make any occasion special. Nothing is better than finding an edible gift! You will surely find something that will catch your sight or lure your taste buds in our amazing collection of baskets. Send this exotic treasure as a gift for the people who like to travel, the innovative ones, the ones who like new beauties, new aromas and are continuously looking for new sensations. Bring a slice of the exotic paradise of Hawaii into their home in Romania. The fruit gift basket contains: 1 Pineapple 1kg, 4 Bananas 200g each, 3 Grapefruit 500g each, 1 Melon 1kg, 5 Oranges 200g each, 1 Star Fruit 230g each, 1 Grapefruit Nectar Tymbark 1l, 1 Orange Nectar Tymbark 1l, 1 Sour Cherry Nectar Tymbark 1l


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Send fresh fruit baskets to Romania. Send exotic fruits to Romania Christmas gifts. Pay online by credit card. Free delivery in CLuj Napoca.

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